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#13 – talk

I’ve been trying to talk to my teenager. It’s like I’ve forgotten they speak a foreign language. If not a foreign language, then maybe our words just don’t have quite the same meaning. Or my words as an adult have more impact and it makes them hear something I haven’t meant to say, or their words as a child have more impact and I am hearing something they haven’t meant to say. 
I posted this post (man, I’ve been referencing that post a lot lately!) a while back. I feel like… one of use isn’t talking correctly, and one of us isn’t listening correctly and we both need to sit down and try to meet in the middle. 
The last prompt was listen. I feel like these should have been one in the same posts. they are so interconnected. I’ve been writing them in tandem. Updating one, moving a sentence from one to the other and possibly back again. 
A good listener does more than let the other person talk, but a good speaker knows when to stop and listen to what their audience has to say. I’ve discovered this week that the two are not mutually exclusive, and sometimes even the best speaker forgets to stop and listen and the best listener forgets to speak up. 

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