Retainers & Lunchtime

Retainers & Lunchtime

I bet you already know where this post is headed. Are you commiserating with me yet? Are you flinching at the thought of shelling out hundreds of dollars to replace something your child accidentally threw out? Oh yes. Retainers are the devil.

Did you know some schools no longer have trash cans, but have a trash chute, complete with water, flowing directly into a dumpster outside? So even if (when) a child throws out such a delicate item and realizes it immediately, there is no retrieval. No easily grabbing it from the bin and bringing it home for a thorough cleansing.

And did you know that this adult, right here, writing this post, is completely aware that it was a stupid mistake and refrained from loud shouting, crying, berating, and any number of other reactions? Oh, but I did. A quick call to dad by said child and a visit for a new mold and new retainer today. We’re golden.

I get that it was a simple mistake. I get that it’s only money. But my body has been in pre-panic-attack mode for days, wondering where the money I had to borrow against will come from. Where the future money I am borrowing against needing will come from. My next few months are going to cost me a fortune, and the money I had set aside has been bled away on “emergency” items, like a 250$ replacement retainer. I still “owe myself” a couple of hundred back into savings that I had to borrow last month for the funeral. I feel like some days I’m just running in place, not moving ahead, slipping backwards slightly.

Has your child lost a retainer? Did you make them pay for it or even help pay for it in part? Work it off? Talk to me people :)

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