Pesach, GF pancakes and M

What? I have other posts in the making, but I have to share this. By now you know that M is autistic. He is super high functioning genius autistic, but autistic just the same. That means most days he is just fine and you can’t pick him out of a crowd. That means other days we spend in meltdown mode, or the entire day he lives in his headphones ignoring everyone else, and other days he is like the autism spectrum disorder poster child.

Two nights ago was the first night of Passover. I spent all day cooking and cleaning (I had help with the cleaning) and we feasted while we read com the Haggadah. Well, M decided he wanted to be the leader. And so he was. He read beautifully. He read standing next to his chair. He read sitting on his bottom on his chair. He read kneeling on his chair. He read standing on his chair. He read squatting on the side of his chair while it balanced on two legs. You get the idea. But lead he did, and we got through the entire book, including the after dinner but before dessert part. He even opened the door and put out the cup. Our Seder was a hit.

That morning he made pancakes for everyone. On the stove. He mixed the batter. He doubled the recipe successfully. He heated the pan and did all the prep. He made, in total, 12 pancakes and made sure everyone who wanted was served before he ate. Not too shabby little man. He is making another (single) batch right now. As you can see from the photo, today he opted for “scrambled pancakes” instead of circles. Monday we had circles and only a few scrambled. He even cleans up after himself while he is cooking. I love him so much.


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