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Parmesan-Ranch Chicken or Turkey

I haven’t made this in years. My kids have kind of grown past the “it has to have ranch” phase of their lives. It sure does eventually happen! And it involved breadcrumbs, so if you are paleo or gluten free, feel free to skip this one. Or make it with GF breadcrumbs. Or skip the breadcrumbs and coat it with more parmesan. We’re flexible like that.

That said, this was a staple for many years at my table. And it was so easy to make. I love easy to make.

For this recipe, you need enough Parmesan to make a sort of paste with your ranch, and you need enough ranch to coat your poultry, and you need breadcrumbs to roll it in. I’ve never actually measured ingredients for this recipe, but it is pretty easy to eye-ball the amounts.

Preheat your oven to 350F.

Mix your ranch & Parmesan (it’s delish with Parmesan-reggiano, but P-R is expensive so the cheap Kraft shit is ok too) and coat your poultry. This works with entire breasts or tenders or nuggets. You can even make pinwheels, I’ll get to that in a minute.

Once you have your ranch-parm mixture on your poultry, cover it in breadcrumbs. Just pour the crumbs into a bowl and roll your ranch covered poultry in the crumbs. Kids love this part, it’s so deliciously messy so you can let them get “batter-hand” if you want. I always want.

Place on a foil covered pan (or just a pan if you aren’t into foil) and spray it with Pam or coat it in butter or something to make it non-stick. You can also use a Sil-Pat mat or parchment paper. I like easy clean up, but that’s just me. Line your poultry up so it’s not touching. This is important. Cook on 350F for about 20 minutes.

When I do whole breasts, I cheat and put them in foil in a small dish (like 9×9) and spread the ranch on top, then sprinkle liberally with parm then with breadcrumbs.

For pinwheels, pound your poultry breast flat so it resembles a tortilla. Spread a layer of the parm-ranch mixture on it. Sprinkle a layer of breadcrumbs. Roll it up. Put wooden toothpicks in it in 1 inch intervals to hold it together. Slice in between toothpicks. Bake for 20 min or so.

Crazy easy and always a hit in my house. Don’t forget to serve a healthy veggie side with this dish (and with any dish, really) – sautéed broccoli and carrots are delish.

Originally posted to Punky moms in 2010 

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