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I had a pretty popular post about using Command Hooks as an iPod holder (that link doesn’t work, don’t click on it). It disappeared when I rebooted my blog this year. I still stand by using Command Hooks, but I inadvertently stumbled onto a much better idea! 

2014-01-11 14.53.19
My 11 Y/O set this up himself!

What is this fabulousness you ask? Mesh business card holders! One of my kids used duct tape to attach one of these to a shelf that is about head level to his bed. It’s taped to the front of the shelf, not on top of it. This item is slightly flexible, so you can bend it to the desired angle. Because of the mesh design, you can easily mount it to a wall (or shelf, or whatever) with screws, which I think are a little more secure than duct tape (but I was super proud he problem-solved on his own!)

Yes, Command Hooks are more easily removable, and more neatly removable, but I found this holds the iPod at a better angle, especially if it’s in a bulky case (and really, is there any truly protective case that isn’t bulky?)

Link to amazon is an affiliate link, I have to tell you that :)

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