Half Page Weekly Menu Plan – New Files!

Offering up free of charge ModifiedMotherhood’s 2015 planner half-page menu plan. Each PDF is one page, each page has two weeks. This planner is being offered in two different font options, so pick your fav! This year we’ve got nue-tattoo or penelope-anne

Half Page Blank Weekly Menu Plan – New Files available to download free from ModifiedMotherhood.com

A couple of notes:
This is not set up to print front and back. It is set up to print, cut in half, and display on the right page of your planner. Why? I tend to alternate between saving the week to reuse at a later time, and flipping the page and using the back as scrap paper (and recycling once it’s really trashed with notes). Either way, the next week will always be the front facing right page in the planner. Left handed? No problem! Insert facing the opposite way to make it the front facing left page. Kind of wasteful? Only if you aren’t using the back for scrap or saving your week to use again later. 

Printing Instructions:
Print on 8.5″x11″ paper, full size. If you want it to be a little more durable (or reusable if your menu plan rolls that way), print on cardstock. Cut at 5.5″ (I stack them and slice them all at once with a paper cutter). Hole punch along the top where the month name is and insert into your planner. That’s it! No special printer settings needed to adjust margins. I’ve tested on my printer (which does print to the edges, but this is set up to not utilize that much paper area) and it prints properly the first time, every time. These are set up to print with a 0.25″ margin on all sides.

Sample – download for full file
Sample – download for full file


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