2017 Year-At-A-Glance Printable

I’ve been finally catching up on life, and that includes putting together my bullet journal for 2017! I would say it’s snuck up, but I’ve been (in)actively avoiding it like the plague. 

2017 Year-At-A-Glance Printable

In an effort to both be super productive and super avoidant, I purchased these shipping labels. Not for shipping but for printing full page printables for my bujo! Much less costly than full page stickers marketed as stickers. And then I spent time better spent elsewhere making this gorgeous year-at-a-glance.jpg 2017 Year-At-A-Glance calendar for 2017. I don’t always feel like hand-drawing everything for my book. I don’t want to spend money on things I can make (like giant page-sized stickers). So I wound up here. Yes, it will need a little trimming, so if you download and print my file just bear that in mind! I keep those blank sticker scraps to use elsewhere – nothing goes to waste here! 

I can’t wait to get it into my new business bujo! I am waiting not so patiently on a new planner. My husband purchased one for me but I’m not yet sure if it is going to be my daily or my business. So I’m sort of setting up this bujo as a generic.


What about you?

Do you use more than one journal for different areas of your life? My 2016 planner was a mix of personal calendar & to do/business (of which I have many fingers in many pies)/personal fitness. It was getting to be too much to wedge into one planner, but I stuck it out to see what I learned. 

I learned that I need separate books for separate things. So book one is personal calendar & to do, book two is eighty bazillion business things, and books three (which shall live in the garage/gym… on this day) is fitness. I also learned that some pages are always going to need to be printed (*cough*2017 Year-At-A-Glance Printable*cough*) and some things will always need to be handwritten. (expect an update to my blank-bills-copy.pdf page soon too!) I have a feeling I am going to learn that three planners is at least one too many ;) 

Right now, that is a plain jpg image, 7.5″X4.5″. Once my stickers arrive I will resize it for printing straight onto the sheets and update this post.

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