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#26 – disaster

Hello writespiration. It’s been a while since we’ve spoken. It seems fitting to me that I would pick disaster as the next entry.  My life right now is a bit of a disaster. Nothing we […]


Oh, hello there

Prior to the Matzo Brei post, my last post was on 2/10. When I logged in, I had one major WordPress update and 15 minor updates. I have done nothing for ten weeks. And this […]

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Female Music Artists

Female Music Artists. I started this list in 2014. It isn’t that it became less important. It’s that it served its purpose in my everyday life, and never quite turned itself into an actual article. […]

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Dear Stress, Let's Break Up. ModifiedMotherhood.com

Dear Stress

Dear Stress, Let’s break up. No, really.   I have a new definition of scary. Scary isn’t having twelve cents in your bank account for the next two weeks because payday came and went in the […]