Boy Scout Advancement

I know Boy Scouts gets a lot of flack as a group. But I’ve long said most groups are jerks while the individuals that make up the group are usually at least tolerable, if not […]

sink or swim

Sink or Swim

Sink or Swim. You all know I am very “you make your own mistakes” in regards to my kids. If you don’t, you must not be a faithful reader. Yet. In general, my kids will succeed […]


Fostering Independence

Fostering independence is crucial. Hear me out. This is mostly about homework, but it has a much wider application. My daughters teacher called me recently to inform me that a) she has not returned an […]

This is an ad. You need a shirt.

The Car Talk

Do we need to haveThe Car Talk along with The Sex Talk? Do The Wheels and The Rotors come before or after The Birds and The Bees?  My dad never really had the car talk with […]


Homework Planners

Did you know? We’re offering up free of charge ModifiedMotherhood’s Homework Planners. Each PDF is one full sized standard page. There are four font options, 1942 Report; Butcher and Block; Ca Postal; and Lulo. I made these for my […]