Sudden Realizations

It’s been a hot minute. I’ve had M on my mind a lot lately. From good-natured complaining about his early morning antics to legit concerns about his future, there he is. Looming large. Literally. The […]

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I have EDS. So does my daughter. I beat myself up exercising, wearing myself out for the rest of the day. But I'm looking long-term. I'm going to be a badass active 90 year old mom, not a broken 45 year old.
Ehler-Danlos Syndrome

Chronic Pain & Exercise

Exercise. It’s a dirty word. I almost started with “I don’t talk about my chronic pain a lot”. I think I probably bring it up more often than I think. I know I’ve been much more […]


Boy Scout Advancement

I know Boy Scouts gets a lot of flack as a group. But I’ve long said most groups are jerks while the individuals that make up the group are usually at least tolerable, if not […]