Writing Prompt #6: Name

I guess I could have used this post for this prompt. Don’t you love hind-sight? What’s in a name? If you have children, and don’t subscribe to family names, then I’m sure you obsessed over baby […]

Common Core

Common Core Strikes Again

In place value, a period is each group of three digits separated by commas in a multidigit number. period Definition – Math Glossary from MathGoodies www.mathgoodies.com/glossary/term.asp?term=period Is this a new thing? I have never heard […]

This is an ad. You need a shirt.

Face Lift!

No, not my face. Not my actual face anyway. My digital face. Recently I made the move from azxuredawn.com to tenohfour.com (still not completed, but functional) and decided to make a move from quirkymom.com to modifiedmotherhood.com (hrmph, […]


Back to Life, Back to Reality

Is anyone else singing in their heads now? You’re welcome. School starts Monday! Maybe your school has already started, and maybe you start after Labor Day (I always did as a kid). Our summer generally […]