Writing Prompt #1: Family

I figured this was going to be an easy prompt to start with. I mean, who doesn’t have something to say about their family, be it positive or negative (and rarely, it seems, neutral).


Writing Challenge

I’m going to attempt to make my own writing challenge. Feel free to play along. I’m not so much aiming for a post a day as a “make a post using all of these themes, at […]


Writing for Pleasure

My husband has taken to writing. He’s published, and he shows no sign of stopping. I often humor (probably, likely, only) myself by quoting my favorite fictional man whenever I see him doing so in […]

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Allergy Friendly Care Packages

I’m sure you’ve realized by now that my entire house is on what turned into a paleo-friendly diet. It started as gluten-free/dairy-free and grew from there. I’m not saying it’s a magic cure-all for the […]