Writing Prompt #4: Rich

Don’t worry. This should be the last word that gets a dictionary definition screen cap. Well, there might be one or two, but I don’t expect one for a while.



I went on vacation last week with my father and my children. I had to leave my husband at home because he has to work and that stinks. But this isn’t a post to complain about […]

This is an ad. You need a shirt.

Writing Prompt #3: Poor

  That is a screen capture from dictionary.com. When I made that list I wasn’t sure exactly what I had in mind when I jotted down “poor.” I wasn’t really sure where I would go […]


Writing Prompt #2: Dance

I am not a dancer. You know how they say “dance like nobody is watching”? I can’t do that. I am convinced there is always someone watching, analyzing, critiquing my every move. Not only when […]