So I shared this link (this link is no longer in service, archived page linked on 1/15/16) to twitter/facebook yesterday and it’s super cute. It’s a bit adult oriented though, insofar as it’s literally pack […]

BokBok, Oink, & Moo Main Dish

Crazy Easy Fajita Chicken

I have bags of this frozen in my freezer just waiting to be thawed and cooked. Delicious. I didn’t bother to pre-cook because it’s so quick to cook up fresh. My kids adore it. I […]

Half Sheet Menu Planner

Half Sheet Menu Planner

Decided to dust off my old half sheet menu planner and see about using it again. It’s just a half notebook that holds 5.5″x8.5″ sheets. Originally I had cut a bunch of notebook paper in […]

This is an ad. You need a shirt.

Summer Snuck Up On Me…

and is sneaking out just as fast! I had so many summer plans! Remember? Yah. Not so much. I wound up working, which beat me down so much more than I expected. My kids don’t […]